By looking after our clients health and fitness, we are helping sculpt their image and attitude towards a healthy life and the body they've always wanted.We believe that a healthy body is a healthy mind.We aim to help our clients' look, feel  and enjoy the very best of life possible,

7.00am  Mixed Berry Smoothie.

One scoop of vanilla protein shake with 200 grams of frozen mixed berries blended together.

10.00am Cottage cheese and sliced apple snack.

150 grams of cottage cheese with a spinkle of cinnamon and an apple sliced.

12.30pm Apple Tuna Salad.

100 grams of Greenseas Sweet Thai Chilly Tuna served with apple and celery salad.



3.30pm Carbless Protein Bar 

Caramel Deluxe or Rocky road.

Perfect by itself.

6.30pm Grilled Chicken with Whole Peeled Tomatoes.


1 x 100 gram Ingrams Lite Breast Fillet (19 grams of Protein)
250 grams of Watties Whole Peeled Tomatoes (9 grams of Carbohydrates)
300 grams of Frozen Baby Green Beans  (7 grams of Carbohydrates)
300 grams of Frozen Broccoli (1.2 grams of Carbohydrates)
A squeeze of lemon juice


  1. Put Whole Peeled tomatoes into pot and cook on medium for 5 to 10 minutes
    At the same time put the Baby Green Beans & Broccoli together and cook on medium for 10 minutes so still fresh and slightly crunchy
  2. Just before the beans and broccoli are cooked, heat up the chicken breast on the George Foreman Grilling Machine for a couple of minutes each side as they are already Precooked.
  3. Put Chicken breast on plate; pour the tomatoes over the chicken. Spoon the beans and broccoli on the side of the plate and squeeze lemon juice over them.

Great meal when you have a busy schedule.

9.30pm Sparkling Orange Smoothie

1 scoop of vanilla protein with 75 grams of natural yoghurt with 1/2 a bottle of Orange San Pellegrino mineral water blended together.