Ponsonby Private Health Club offering One on One personal training with an emphasis on motivation, correct exercise technique, a personalised nutrition plan to give the best results possible.


" I was inspired to undertake the body for life programme in order to loose weight and feel more energetic for my work which is very busy. I was delighted with Ngaire's gym - not least for its round the clock availability, privacy and small friendly environment for the concentrating on a 12 week programme. Ngaire was very encouraging and I had regular assessments. I obsessionally stuck to the programme and eating plan and lost 14 kg over the 12 weeks.

Thanks Ngaire "

Dr Anil Sharma

Consultant Gynaecologist, Remuera, Auckland.


September 2023

Thank you from Sam.

I wanted to thank you first from myself and helping me thru some of the hard times and struggles I was dealing with, you have helped in so many ways in changing my thinking with exercise and diet, but also with everyday life, I can only see myself getting stronger and moving to better things in life. I look back at how mentally strong and physically fit I was 10 years ago and think wow how much has changed and how life can throw so many curve balls to remove the strengths so quickly. During my time with you I feel I can achieve getting back to where I once was, so thank you so much for all your help.

Also thank you for helping my wife, I have seen her grow so much after meeting you and develop as a strong person. You are truly amazing in everyway, and we often refer to you as our Fairy Godmother.

Thanks Sam.


 Boxing and Kickboxing lessons for fitness and self defense.

2 X 40 Minute P.T. Sessions per week for 4 weeks = $395 inclusive of GST paid in advance.

2 x 30 Minute Boxing or Kickboxing sessions per week for 4 weeks = $295 inclusive of GST paid in advance.

Please feel free to call Ngaire and discuss a tailored programme to your requirements.

Opening Hours Mon-Friday 7am to 7pm.

                          Saturday 9am to 4pm.

                          Sunday Closed.

Gym +093763800.

Mobile +64272425302.




5 star results  Testimonial from Chris

" PPHC is a great friendly private health club that helped me get to where I want to be. I dropped the stubborn fat and I am on my way to gain a lot more muscle.The best part about the PPHC is that Ngaire is there to support and continually help you through all the exercises.

She changes and customises your program to fit you personally. Initially I hoped to be able to move furniture in my new job without injury and exceed at kiteboarding on the weekend, of which all thanks to Ngaire I have a super strong back for lifting furniture and have a super strong core for kiteboarding.

My expectations have been exceeded and I am happy with the outcome. I highly recommend Ponsonby Private Health Club.

5 Stars! "